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About Us Responsible for administration of GBPA Technical Data Management of the city.

Welcome To Our Department

Since 2005 the department has been actively creating new data in the form of GIS Layers, as well as updating and maintaining existing ones. The Goal of the department is to create a seamless, rich, accurate data set of the Port Area to facilitate development and assist the licensees of the Port Area in their business.

In addition to GIS Services the department also maintains a digital archive of Survey Plans and Architectural documents. Copies of these documents may be obtained from our office at the Grand Bahama Medical Complex, or online using our form.

The term Geographic Information System refers to a set of computer hardware and software for managing and analyzing geographic data. More practically it is a tool specifically created for examining any data that can be linked to the Earth.

As an enormous part of our daily activities are spatially involved, GIS is an extremely versatile tool. Most of us have used products like Google's Earth and Microsoft's Bing Maps, these products really heavily on GIS Data and are in fact, GIS Software themselves. While mapping products such as these are a common use of GIS, it is only a small part of the technology.

What uses does GIS have?

  • Site Selection: Many businesses run complex GIS Models to determine the suitability of potential sites for expansion. Real Estate agencies often user a process similar to site selection to determine the value of a land parcels.
  • Asset Tracking:: Live tracking/logging of the location of assets like automobiles and heavy equipment enables businesses to track vehicle usage and alert authorities in case of theft.
  • Route Analysis: Shipping companies provide their drivers with exact routes designed to minimize the time required to complete deliveries.
  • Disaster Management: Fires and Hurricane disaster relief management all heavily rely on GIS Data to map hazards, and distributes assets efficiently.
  • Environmental Management: From coastal management, habitat preservation, to hydrological mapping and modeling GIS has become a standard tool in this industry.
  • Cartography: GIS is often used to produce thematic maps that can be updated easily and quickly.

These are just a few of the ways GIS has been employed to execute previously difficult or time consuming analysis. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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